Leadership Team

When Bob Carr, founder of Heartland Payment Systems, entered the payments industry, he witnessed many unethical practices. Among them were processors who built wealth for themselves at the expense of their customers. To uphold his high ethical and moral standards, Bob founded Heartland in 1997. Today, the company continues to maintain the highest standards of integrity and advocacy that empower business owners to succeed.

Heartland’s executives uphold these standards. They come from a wide variety of industries—as well as internal promotions. Their diverse background experiences include everything from Wall Street and payments processing to sales and more. While each member of the team brings a different expertise to the table, collectively they share a common focus and commitment to helping you advance your business.

Robert O. Carr
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Robert H.B. Baldwin, Jr.
Vice Chairman

Samir Zabaneh
Chief Financial Officer

Michael A. Lawler
President - Strategic Markets Group

David Gilbert
President - Hospitality Group

Tony Capucille
Chief Sales Officer

Charles Kallenbach
General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer

Conan Lane
Chief of Operations

Michael McMillan
Chief Branding Officer

Marty Moretti
Chief Service Officer

John R. South
Chief Security Officer

Bryan Thompson
Chief Technology Officer

Joseph E. White
Chief Accounting Officer

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