Keep Your Customer's Credit Card Data Safe With Heartland Secure

Secure Payment Processing

With Heartland Secure, your customers won't have to worry about stolen card information. Combining three powerful technologies, Heartland Secure provides business owners with the highest level of credit and debit card security available to protect against card-present data fraud and credit card breach. This secure card processing technology will put you and your customers at ease.

Heartland Offers a Warranty Along With Our Promise

Heartland is confident in its solutions and committed to improving card data security. Demonstrating this commitment, we now offer an unprecedented breach warranty to all merchants who are Heartland Secure and employing Heartland Secure certified devices—for as long as they're processing with Heartland, at no additional cost.

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    Learn how this comprehensive data security solution provides merchants with the highest level of security.
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  • EMV and Small Merchants White Paper

    Learn about the benefits of using an EMV solution and how to successfully implement EMV for payment acceptance.
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  • EMV and Restaurants: What you need to know

    The goal of this white paper is to educate the reader about EMV and the potential benefits
    of implementing an EMV solution, and to provide high-level information that will guide
    you to successfully implement EMV for payment acceptance.
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Million cardholder records exposed by data breaches in 2013
Million is the average cost for every enterprise breached in 2014
Merchant/retail sector data breaches reported
Average cost to U.S. merchants per record compromised in 2014

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