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The authorization process—initiated when the card is read at a terminal or card number is key entered, then passed through the merchant’s network to Heartland for authorization—is a crucial stage in the payment transaction process and one that can be protected through end-to-end encryption.
Unlike point-to-point encryption, E3 is direct to Heartland so there is no additional point in the transaction where the data is decrypted before being passed to Heartland, minimizing the opportunities for compromise by hackers and criminals.
Terminals and customer card entry devices with the E3 label feature a tamper-resistant security module, so that the device can’t be converted into a skimming device. Unlike less secure solutions that solely rely on hardware or software encryption, E3 provides protection in both hardware and software to ensure sensitive information is useless to would-be hackers.

E3 can eliminate the need for PA-DSS if E3 is the only point of interaction (POI) for card data.  E3 devices built with hardware tamper resistance and are in the process of being validated against the PTS/SRED 3.0 requirements.

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We believe so strongly in the ability of E3 to protect cardholder data that, as stated in Heartland’s E3 Warranty, we will reimburse you for any breach-related fines and forensic fees should transactions protected by E3 be breached.


Independent Security Evaluation by Coalfire Systems

Learn more about key findings from Coalfire Systems' independent security assessments of E3 here.




Any breach-related fines from an E3-protected transaction will be reimbursed at 100%.

E3 significantly lowers the cost of PCI compliance and the risk of being non-compliant.


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