Data Security

Keeping your business out of the headlines.

When your payment data is vulnerable, it’s like leaving the front door of your property unlocked. Thieves can come in, take what they want, and leave you economically and emotionally stressed. But unlike physical theft, cyber thieves are not just stealing from you—they are stealing from your customers, too. And this means your business's hard-earned reputation can be ruined overnight, especially if the data theft incident makes the morning news.
What’s more, due to standards set by the PCI Security Standards Council to prevent data theft, if cardholder data from your business is compromised and you’re caught in noncompliance, not only do you have to explain to your customers why you failed to secure their sensitive information, but also deal with sizable fines and penalties imposed by the card brands. These fines and penalties can end up being more than your business can afford to pay, potentially putting you out of business for good.
So what are you doing to secure your business from card data theft?


As a leader in data security, Heartland Payment Systems takes this issue very seriously and has partnered with our merchants in the prevention of payment data theft. This means working with businesses to become vigilant about securing payment card information and implementing payment acceptance solutions that reduce the scope of PCI DSS compliance. We offer a number of options to help you secure your cardholder data—as well as all your payments hardware, software and processes.
EMV, Tokenization, and E3™ End-to-End Encryption—are powerful if used individually, but when combined, they protect your business and your customers with the absolute highest level of security against payment fraud.

E3™ encrypts and secures credit and debit card data from the moment a card is swiped or hand-keyed all the way through to Heartland for transaction processing.

Our tokenization solution removes customers’ payment card information from your point-of-sale equipment, property management systems, and other systems that handle customer card information—securing your payments and reducing your PCI scope—but allowing you to conduct business as usual.

Heartland is embracing the global standard for credit and debit payment cards based on chip card technology—EMV. Chip-based payment cards, also known as smart cards, are a more secure alternative to traditional magnetic stripe payment cards.

To underscore our commitment to the security of payment processing, Heartland is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant and a member of the PCI Security Standards Council. If you are a merchant that accepts payment cards, you are encouraged to be compliant with the PCI Data Security Standard in order to decrease your financial risks associated with account payment data compromises and the negativity that it can bring to your company’s brand. This link provides more detail about PCI and your responsibilities.

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