Heartland Mobile Payments

To keep pace with today’s savvy consumers, you need the ability to move beyond the counter and accept payments anywhere. With Heartland Mobile Payments—the first truly comprehensive mobile payment solution developed by a payment processor—you can.

We can now accept payment from anywhere—which has been great since opening the patio. Guests don’t need to wait and we can turn tables more quickly.

Every sales associate is equipped as a checkout lane so they can easily upsell and get the customer checked out quickly!

I used to take checks or wait weeks until I received payment. Now homeowners can pay me on the spot.

Restaurant Owner

Retail Store Owner

Home Improvement Business Owner

Mobile makes business happen—anywhere

Turn your mobile device into a credit card terminal simply by downloading our smartly designed app and connect the encrypting Heartland card reader to your device’s audio jack. Accept all major card brands, corporate cards and Heartland gift cards, and receive the same great rates as payments processed in your store.

  • Secure
    The AES-encrypting reader secures magnetic stripe data immediately and passes it to Heartland over a secure connection so cardholder information is never stored on your mobile device. The app is designed and written to PCI PA-DSS compliance standards.
  • Reliable
    Our Store & Forward option ensures you can continue to accept payments, even when you’re in areas without Wi-Fi or cellular service—so there are no lost sales.
  • Cost-Effective
    There are no middlemen, outside gateways or third party providers to increase your costs. You get everything you need from one source—all with just one account, one statement, one phone call.

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