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  • Ovation Payroll
    If you want to focus on growth, you’ll need a few less things to worry about. So, if you need a turnkey payroll service for your expanding employee base or are offering a 401k for the first time—our full-service payroll processing and HR support features ensure a solution that suits your needs.

    Secure & Flexible
    Single Point of Contact
    Competitive Pricing, Plus a Three-Year Price Lock

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  • Ovation Plus
    New regulations, garnishments, court orders and state-by-state complexities can put your business at risk. With Ovation Payroll Plus, you get our turnkey payroll service, plus so much more. We’ll provide you with a full range of HR tools to support your business, and at-the-ready employee resources to help you resolve any issues that stand in your way.

    My HR Support Center
    My Employee Files
    Our Info Center
    Business Partner Reporting

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  • Additional Services
    If your business needs even more than the extensive payroll and HR-related services offered through Ovation Payroll Plus, click here to review additional services.
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Let Heartland Bring You More

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