Customer Service

Customer Service

The heart of Heartland.

Customer Service

The heart of Heartland.

Heartland's Service Center provides an invaluable touchpoint for our nationwide customer base. From customer service, to deployment and support, the Heartland Service Center is home to many of the integral teams we rely on to be the voice and heart of Heartland, and to provide our customers with a lasting positive experience with every contact.

Open 24/7/365, our Jeffersonville, IN, Service Center is built to accommodate the needs of the 800 employees who work there. The expansive 275,000-sq. ft. campus houses a full-time onsite day care center, a cafeteria, a full workout facility with aerobic studio, basketball courts and outdoor dining/seating areas.

The Heartland Service Center is truly the company’s flagship location and was designed to be expanded and updated as our company’s needs—and our industry—change and grow.

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Heartland Payment Systems
Sales Inquiries: 888.904.6773
Customer Support: 888.963.3600

Heartland Ovation Payroll
Customer Support: 866.341.3510

School Nutrition Solutions
Café Enterprise: 866.343.2594
MCS Software: 888.287.6416, Option 2
LunchBox: 800.256.8224
Mosaic: 800.256.8224, Option 1
NUTRIKIDS: 800.724.9853
WebSMARTT & WinSNAP: 800.748.9631

School Payment Solutions
  • Administrators: 800.423.2113, Option 6
  • Parents: 800-479-3531

  • Administrators: 800.803.6755
  • Parents: 855-832-5226

  • Administrators: 800.423.2113, Option 9

Heartland Micropayments
Customer Support: 800.332.4835

Heartland Campus Solutions

Sales Inquiries
  • OneCard: 800.486.4462
  • General: 866.841.3274

Customer Support
  • OneCard: 800.486.4462
  • General: 800.437.6931

  • Loan Servicing: 888.549.3274
  • Tuition Payment Plans: 866.927.1438
  • Refunds: 855.250.3230
  • Tax Documents: 866.428.1098
  • OneCard: 800.486.4462