We serve businesses of all sizes, vested in helping you achieve your goals. Honesty, fairness and transparency are our core values—and how you can expect to be treated as our partner. We focus on customer relationships and take pride in serving as your advocate.

Security you can count on

Secure payment processing is a Heartland cornerstone. With our industry-leading technology, you can rest assured that you and your customers are in safe hands. From school districts to gas stations to restaurants and retail, we have a security solution that suits your needs.

Many business solutions, one source.

Heartland has a wide range of products and services—from mobile payment devices to business loans and payroll solutions. With this comes our stellar customer support, comprehensive tools and a reputation built on integrity that you can rely on.

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  • Heartland Secure

    With Heartland secure, your customers won't have to worry about stolen card information. Combining three powerful technologies backed by the first-ever breach warranty in the industry - Heartland Secure stops hackers in their tracks by rendering data completely useless.
  • Payment Processing

    Payment Processing

    Heartland’s innovative technology provides secure and reliable payment processing. Our solutions give you options on how to accept payments—mobile, traditional POS and online—in a way that is convenient for your customers.
  • Payroll Services

    Heartland’s Payroll solutions provides a single point of contact, secure and flexible access and a three-year price lock so you can focus on growing your business instead of administrative payroll tasks.
  • e-Commerce

    Create an online presence quickly with Heartland’s e-commerce solutions. Whether you’re building a new online store or simply updating an existing one, we have tools to meet your needs. And, with our secure payment processing, you can trust that your online payments will be protected.
  • Lending

    Heartland Lending was designed with you in mind. Whether it’s a next day need or a $2 million loan, our specialists are trained to help you get the funding to accomplish your goals.
  • Gift & Loyalty

    Gift cards and loyalty programs build customer relationships. Heartland can help you design a customized loyalty platform to drive repeat business, and our gift card solutions give you the freedom and creativity to market your brand effectively.

The EMV Liability Shift is here

Now's the time to get prepared for EMV credit card acceptance. Our extensive EMV resource library gives you all you need to know about the nationwide shift to EMV-enabled cards and what you need to do to protect your business. Find out if your terminal is EMV ready and check out our infographics, videos, articles and whitepapers for more information on EMV.

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