Your Guide to Heartland On Demand

Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Heartland On Demand is our new, simplified, automated onboarding system for merchants processing less than $200K per year. Business owners can quickly enroll in merchant services at their convenience, either with the help of a banker or on their own if approved to self-board.

What is the participation criteria?

  • Annual credit card processing volume of $200,000 or less

  • Average sale must be greater than $8.00

  • Single business location

  • Significant majority of payments are face-to-face

  • Applicable to retail, restaurant and professional services (including healthcare and lawyers)

  • New clients only (must be new to Global Payments brands)

What is the pricing model?

  • Competitive flat rate pricing 2.90% +$.25 per transaction*
    *monthly minimum of $20 applies

What are the equipment offerings?

  • Mobile reader, terminals and point of sale options

How does On Demand work?

  1. Identify a prospect and enter the lead into the Heartland Partner Portal.

  2. You'll receive a message to advise the prospect to check for an email from with a link. They can then begin self-boarding and have 10 days until the link expires. Or, if the merchant can provide the required business financial information (Tax ID, Bank Information, Owner/Officer Social Security number), you can begin boarding them by clicking continue.

  3. Once all forms are submitted and signatures gathered, the information is sent to the Heartland Service Center.

  4. Upon account approval, their equipment ships in 24-48 hours. If there are questions during the process, one of our Customer Support team members will reach out directly.

What happens when a prospect isn’t approved for On Demand?

The prospect will be contacted within 24 hours by their local, assigned Heartland Relationship Manager, who will offer competitive pricing based on their business needs.

Who should I contact for support?

Email or call 877.479.6973 Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. EST.