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Payment Processing

24/7 Customer Support: 888.963.3600


Customer Support: 866.341.3510


Customer Support: 800.332.4835


Administrators: 800.423.2113, Option 6

Parents: 800-479-3531


Administrators: 800.803.6755

Parents: 855-832-5226


Administrators: 800.423.2113, Option 9

School Nutrition Solutions

Café Enterprise: 866.343.2594

MCS Software: 888.287.6416, Option 2

LunchBox: 800.256.8224

Mosaic: 800.256.8224, Option 1

NUTRIKIDS: 800.724.9853

WebSMARTT & WinSNAP: 800.748.9631

Heartland Campus Solutions (Sales)

OneCard: 800.486.4462

General: 866.841.3274

Heartland Campus Solutions (Support)

OneCard: 800.486.4462

General: 800.437.6931


Loan Servicing: 888.549.3274

Tuition Payment Plans: 866.927.1438

Refunds: 855.250.3230

Tax Documents: 866.428.1098

OneCard: 800.486.4462

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