MySchoolBucks provides districts and parents a single place to organize all school related fees and purchases. Districts can easily collect and manage payments, while parents have the convenience and flexibility of one account to securely pay for all of their student fees with a credit/debit card.

Why choose MySchoolBucks?

Increase revenue
& reduce risks

Ease administrative

Provide convenience
for parents

Manage school fees & purchases

Gain complete financial control with the ability to quickly reconcile and manage the thousands of payments received during a typical school year. Extend the ability to securely collect payments online or in-person across your district campuses and programs.

Manage cafeteria meal payments

MySchoolBucks makes it easy for your district’s nutrition program to collect and manage meal payments. Parents can pay for school meals online or with our mobile app, view account balances, track their student’s cafeteria purchases, set-up low balance reminders, and automate payments.

Take payments anywhere, for anything

Take payments out of the office and into the classroom, gymnasium, auditorium, or anywhere you need to collect them. Transform any Apple iPad into an instant credit card terminal with our MySchoolBucks Anywhere app and card reader.

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