Heartland's Payroll+HR

The Show Must Go On!

Handling HR responsibilities like employee benefits, handbooks, hiring, training and more for your business can be a lot to juggle. With Heartland's Payroll+HR solution, you won't run the risk of dropping the ball on the numerous employees that count on you each day.

Payroll+HR takes the stress and frustration out of handling administrative tasks by reducing your risk of non-compliance and legal penalties while also saving you time and money.


Learn How to Reduce Your HR Stress

Reduce Risk

When you upgrade to Payroll+HR, you'll get access to the online HR Support Center, which houses labor law updates, related trainings, forms, handbook templates, job descriptions and company policies to tame your beast of a business.

- Tame the Beast -

Strengthen Performance

The show can't go on if the ring leader isn't able to focus on the overall performance. Contact us today for more information on how to better orchestrate your business with Payroll+HR

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