EMV and Restaurants:

What you need to know

Discover the details of EMV acceptance and how they’ll affect your restaurant by reading the the EMV and Restaurants: What you need to know white paper.

Loyalty Program Best Practices

29% of consumers would not be loyal to a brand if it weren’t for a loyalty program. Learn how to get your program off the ground with our best practices e-book.
Payment Processing

Payment Processing

Heartland provides innovative and secure card payment processing solutions for fast casual restaurant owners across the country. With our 24-hour customer service, fair and up-front pricing, and reliable data security, we continue to set the industry standard in payment processing.

Mobile Payments

Your restaurant thrives on fast turn-around times. Keep the line moving with the convenience Heartland’s mobile payment processing provides. We offer reliable security, easy-to-install hardware and downloadable apps.


It’s hard to focus on your customers when you’re busy processing payroll and managing employees. Let Heartland do the heavy lifting for your fast casual restaurant. Our full-service payroll and HR services offer secure and reliable solutions you can trust.

Gift Card

Gift cards get customers in the door and encourage them to come back. We can help you increase your bottom line and gain more loyal customers with our fast casual restaurant merchant gift card program. From customization to reloading capabilities and more, Heartland has the solutions you need.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty marketing programs keep your fast casual restaurant growing. You’ll be able to turn good customers into loyal customers by giving them an incentive to remain dedicated through rewards-based marketing. Loyalty programs build relationships and increase customer frequency.

Online and Mobile Ordering

It’s hard to build relationships with your customers if you’re always manning the phones. Simplify the ordering process while increasing your profits with our online and mobile restaurant ordering system.


Efficiency and simplicity in point-of-sales ystems is vital for your success. That’s why we offer a full suite of fast casual restaurant POS software and hardware that allows you to more effectively manage your restaurant.


Our lending program for fast casual restaurants provides you with every opportunity to succeed. We’ve partnered with multiple sources so you can get the funding you need at the terms you want, all while working with a company you know and trust.

Managed Network Services

You have a restaurant to operate—you don’t have time to deal with a network failure, causing lost business and productivity. Keep your network up and running with Heartland’s Managed Network Services. We can help you connect and manage all of your devices and keep online credit card acceptance processing with the added benefit of one-call customer support.


Heartland’s InfoCentral—your one-stop shop for all your reporting needs—provides you with great features to help you manage your fast casual restaurant. View your restaurant’s performance, review sales and transactions, monitor batches and deposits, receive real-time notifications and much more—at no additional fee for restaurant owners processing with Heartland.

24/7 Customer Service

Heartland provides award-winning customer service, with a knowledgeable, responsive team. Based in the U.S., we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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