Say "so long" to all the paperwork.

Are you great at selling, but fall short when it comes to dealing with all the paperwork? It’s a common gripe among sales professionals, and here at Heartland we’ve addressed the issue by introducing our team to a sales delivery system that makes their job as easy, organized and productive as possible.

atlas is a groundbreaking system that consolidates all the necessary functions of a sales professional—including prospecting and managing your pipeline—into one iPad-based tool. It’s designed to assist you with lead generation, sales presentations, on-the-spot financial analysis, and paperless contract processing—so you have more time to do what you do best, sell.

“Our approach is really about being genuine, being authentic, understanding what the customer’s pain is and helping to provide a solution by getting to know their business.”

Tips to Help You Succeed

  1. Have a Plan. This is simultaneously the most over-preached and under-utilized piece of advice in sales, period. Consistent top-performers know where they are headed and how they are getting there. If you don’t have a plan, you're breaking rule #1 of sales mastery. Plans should be sustainable and realistic, yet challenging, and they should be built on your definition of success, not your company's.

  2. Know your Sales talk. We see it all the time - little planning, no script, no agenda, and the meeting ends with the merchant saying, "Let me think about it." The truth is- sales professionals are on stage every time they are with a customer. If they practice and prepare, their odds of success multiply several times over. Know your products, practice your script, master your method: It makes all the difference.

  3. Build Accountability Into Your Life. Let's face it, when you work out with a trainer, you get in shape faster. Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, and every other professional athlete you can think of have coaches. The simple truth is that inviting others to help you remain accountable to your plan will only contribute to your success. Going at it alone allows you to succumb to the negative thoughts and excuses you create to justify your ineffectiveness. Having that outside person who knows you, your goals and dreams, your plan, and will hold you accountable to executing it masterfully is never a bad idea.

  4. Networking Pays Off. We see it all the time - the difference between the top sales person and the bottom is the network the first guy has built. Networking is an art that can triple results with one third of the effort that prospecting entails. Networking opportunities are everywhere and with the advent of social media outlets such as LinkedIn, networking has never been easier and more productive. Build your network with like-minded sales pros who serve the same customer base you do. Bring them enough business to create a healthy relationship and encourage them to return the favor to you.

Training Tips

  1. Have a Plan.
  2. Know your Sales talk.
  3. Build Accountability Into Your Life
  4. Networking Pays Off. VIew All Training Tips

"It's not a job, it's a career - it's a lifestyle"

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