Heartland Success Stories

If you are looking to create a business with all the stability, tools, and training of an established company, then welcome home. At Heartland you will never wonder when your next paycheck is coming. We value self-starters and proven leaders who understand why a career in sales is the path to maximum success. Join our growing sales force that provides payment technology services for more than 250,000 local businesses nationwide. America needs growth now. Become part of a team that values integrity, honesty and new business development one merchant at a time.

“With a commission only structure you can make as little or as much as you want.”

Sales Professional Bill of Rights

Do you know what you’re missing in your sales career? The Sales Professional Bill of Rights was established to empower you to know exactly what you should expect from your employer. This powerful resource will help you evaluate your current job situation, or perhaps give you a good reason to step into the next level of your career, and declare your independence. Learn More About Your Rights.

Top 5 Reasons to Join Us Today

  1. We treat you well.
    Heartland pioneered the Sales Professional Bill of Rights to serve as an advocate for sales people and set the bar for ethical treatment throughout your career.

  2. We invest in you.
    Our compensation model pays you unlimited commission while you work for the company and uncapped residuals even after you retire or leave. You also receive unrivaled support through training and management so you can earn money from day one.

  3. Ditch a desk with overflowing paperwork and get tech savvy.
    We are a leader in technology with our Atlas system delivered on an iPad. We offer simple to use applications, paperless transactions and direct connections to pricing, prospecting or boarding.

  4. Set your own full-time schedule.
    You can work from home with one of the industry’s best compensation and benefits packages.

  5. Celebrate your accomplishments.
    We know the excitement of closing a sale and providing your clients with the best tools in the business. Enjoy an unheard of 12-months up-front bonus paid each Friday to revel in your hard work, along with stock options and other prizes for top performers.

Training Tips

  1. Have a Plan.
  2. Know your Sales talk.
  3. Build Accountability Into Your Life
  4. Networking Pays Off. VIew All Training Tips

"It's not a job, it's a career - it's a lifestyle"

Heartland Success Stories

Could You Be Our Next Success Story
Results-driven leaders are the foundation of our business. We offer a dynamic, fast-growing company and equip you with tools and training to thrive. But unlike other companies...