Create meaningful and valuable relationships with your customers through an engaging loyalty program.

Research shows that loyal customers spend more, serve as ambassadors for your brand and are less likely to be drawn to a competitor’s promotion.

Build Loyal Customers

Give your customers the VIP treatment with rewards-based marketing.

Increase Customer Frequency

Twenty-eight percent of customers reported they are extremely likely to increase their visits to a business if they offer a loyalty reward card.

Drive Customer Spending

Customer spending is 46 percent higher with companies that offer reward card programs.

Loyalty Program Overview

Businesses with loyalty programs are 60% more profitable than those without. Learn how to gain loyal customers with our loyalty program overview.

Loyalty Program Best Practices for Restaurants

29% of consumers would not be loyal to a brand if it weren’t for a loyalty program. Learn how to get your program off the ground with our best practices e-book.


Heartland has a 13-year history of creating industry-leading innovations in stored-value, gift and loyalty solutions, processing millions of transactions daily.

Reward Specialist

Reward specialists provide personalized materials, including staff training programs and in-store promotional signage.

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