Heartland empowers business owners by providing proven and trusted tools and reporting. The benefits professional service partners can provide to clients include competitive pricing with a three-year price lock, secure 24/7/365 access to payroll data, employee information, federal, state and local tax filing and payments as well as a dedicated customer service team.

A Payroll Partner Brokers Can Trust

Heartland has a wide and innovative range of payroll and HR services. For example, Heartland provides health insurance agencies with the ability to report all employee benefit contributions on W-2s, access client census data, track employee eligibility and much more.

Time-efficient Payroll for CPAs

Heartland helps create competitive advantages in the marketplace by eliminating time-consuming tasks. Our Account Report Center makes accessing and maintaining client information easy and efficient.

Why Partner with Heartland?

  • Customer satisfaction. We understand that trust is key to your business success, because it is for us, too. When you refer your customers to Heartland, we treat them with the professionalism and respect they deserve and you expect.

  • Heartland’s business philosophy. At the core of our business model is our commitment to full-disclosure and fair business dealings with our merchants and partners. This is more than a goal, it is the way we conduct business in every aspect of our company.

  • Referrals from us to you. Heartland enrolls thousands of new merchants each month. Many of those will need the services you provide—let us introduce you.

  • Heartland Secure™. Our proprietary Heartland Secure is an industry-leading card data security solution that protects merchants against today’s cybercriminal—backed by the most comprehensive breach warranty in the market.

  • Award-winning service and support. With over 1300 sales professionals living and working in communities in all 50 states, we can help you cover your footprint wherever you are. Our U.S.-based service center employs over 1000 people that stand ready to help your customers. The average hold time to speak with a customer advocate is an industry-leading 10 seconds.

Benefit to your Customers

State-of-the-art Data Protection

Heartland keeps your customers’ credit card data beyond the reach of hackers by protecting it as soon as the card is used with EMV, end-to-end encryption and tokenization. Heartland Secure is the most secure processing solution in the industry, and it is backed up by the industry’s only comprehensive breach warranty.

Fair, Up-front Pricing

Heartland’s payment processing solutions are designed to help businesses succeed by reducing costs at the front end, and eliminating unexpected costs going forward. Our pricing model is predicated on true Interchange Plus pricing. All cost savings from bankcard interchanges and fees assessed by card brands are passed directly to business owners.

Reliable and Scalable Payroll and HR Services

Heartland provides full-service payroll processing and HR solutions for all types of businesses. Customers benefit from a three-year price lock and a dedicated single point of contact for turnkey solutions from payroll processing to the addition of a 401(k) plan and more.

Easy Access to Funding

Accessing funds in a reasonable timeframe and at prevailing rates is critical to business owners. Heartland negotiates competitively priced loans with multiple funding partners. We alleviate complexity with a time-efficient and dependable process.

Secure, Reliable, Cost-effective POS Solutions

Heartland’s point-of-sale solutions are also customized and scalable. Customers receive unparalleled protection through Heartland’s proprietary POS security technology.

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