By partnering with Heartland you can offer your customers and members an extensive, flexible suite of business solutions, tailored to meet their individual needs. We help you provide your customers with critical services—card processing, payroll processing, gift and loyalty marketing, billing solutions and much more. Let us help you attract new customers and solidify your current relationships, without risk or investment.

What does a partnership with Heartland mean to you?

  • Greater success for everyone by working together.
  • Maximized results by engaging each other’s strengths.
  • Mutual business development—providing valuable, qualified leads to each other for our respective products and services.
  • Customer satisfaction—We understand that trust is key to your business success, because it is for us, too. When you refer your customers to Heartland, we treat them with the professionalism and respect they deserve and you expect.
  • A partner you can trust—At the core of our business model is our commitment to full-disclosure and fair business dealings with our merchants and partners. This is more than a goal, it is the way we conduct business in every aspect of our company.

How does this benefit your customers and members?

    Heartland is a top five processor with a long history of industry-altering innovation and execution.
  • A sales force unique to the industry with local representatives dedicated to current and evolving merchant needs.
  • Fully integrated products, services and solutions that are versatile and scalable.
  • Full cost disclosure. No hidden fees.
  • The industry’s leading customer service platform is active 24/7/365 with live U.S.-based representatives. Calls are answered in 10 seconds or less with no phone trees, or cultural nuances to navigate.
  • Heartland Secure™, the most secure credit card processing solution on the market, backed by a comprehensive breach warranty. For merchants, Heartland Secure means peace of mind.
  • Founder of the Merchant Bill of Rights to promote fair credit, debit and prepaid card processing practices on behalf of small and medium-sized businesses.

The Heartland Way is fair, honest and transparent.

Merchants have the right to demand honesty, fairness and transparency. That’s why Heartland created the Merchant Bill of Rights. It guides not only how we conduct business, but with whom we want to do business. What do our values mean for our partners?

  • Full disclosure of costs. Customers are aware of all costs associated with our products, services and solutions. Predictable and transparent costs are critical to business budgets. There are no hidden fees. Unlike many processors and middlemen, there are no arbitrary excess charges across the breadth of Heartland’s products, services and solutions.

  • Best-in-class providers. Heartland’s values-based approach extends to other POS solutions and gateways. If a customer’s unique needs demand a POS solution outside of Heartland’s, then we will guide and counsel accordingly.

  • Trusted partners. Our professional sales force is fully committed to the Heartland Way. You can trust them with your customers and members.

Ready to get started?

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