EMV, Petro and Convenience:
What you need to know

Petro and convenience merchants that implement an EMV solution may benefit from a reduction in card fraud, decreased requests for copies in relation to chargebacks, and fewer disputes.

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Payment Processing

Payment Processing

Every day, convenience stores across the country put their trust in Heartland to help them succeed and grow. We provide innovative and secure C-store payment processing software with 24-hour customer service, fair and up-front pricing, and data security that continues to set the industry standard.


It’s hard to focus on growth when you’re busy managing employees and processing payroll. Heartland provides complete payroll management software and HR services to handle all payroll needs for your C-store.

Gift Card

Gift cards get customers in the door and keep them coming back. We can help you increase your bottom line and gain more loyal customers with our merchant gift card program for C-store owners. From customization to reloading capabilities and more, Heartland has the solutions you need. Plus, you can always count on our reliable security.

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Heartland provides award-winning customer service, with a knowledgeable, responsive team. Based in the U.S., we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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