No hassle, turnkey surcharge

Looking for a way to offset the cost of accepting credit cards? Our all-in-one credit surcharge program recoups this cost from non-cash paying customers so you earn 100% of the sales price. And we keep you compliant doing it!

Increase revenue

Saves you thousands annually by recouping credit processing costs from customers. Watch your sales and surcharge revenue pile up with Next Day Deposit that gets the money in your pocket fast. Heartland’s Merchant Statement shows you exactly how much you recover in surcharge revenue.

Stay competitive

Keep your prices and margins competitive while affordably accepting all the ways customers want to buy. Offer consumers transactions free of surcharge when paying by cash, checks, debit cards, gift cards and more.

Seamless and simple

Ensure accuracy with smart, surcharge-enabled terminals that intelligently calculate and apply surcharge on eligible cards, avoid the accidentally surcharging of debit and credit cards, and itemize a surcharge on the customer’s receipt. And if you change your mind about surcharging, you can turn off this feature with one call to our Service Center.

Compliant and secure

Stay compliant with card brand rules and state and federal regulations. Our U.S. based experts ensure your surcharge program is done the correct way, and the safe way. All transactions are protected by the industry’s highest level of credit card security available to guard you against card fraud and breaches.

How it Works

The consumer is ready to pay, and enters their credit card into the terminal. They will be prompted to confirm the sales amount.

The transaction will go through on a smart terminal, charging the customer a 3.5% Surcharge on their credit card transaction.

The 3.5% Surcharge covers the business credit card processing fee, and is reflected on the customer’s receipt.

Funds from sale are deposited into the business’ account the next day. The Surcharge revenue earned is shown on the Merchant Statement.

Learn more about surcharge


Learn more about surcharging practices and the rules that major card brands have laid out to remain compliant.


All your questions about surcharge are answered here so you are informed and confident in your decision.


What is a surcharge?


It enables you to pass the cost of credit card acceptance on to non-cash paying consumers. Instead of your business paying for a credit card transaction, the credit card user pays.


How does a surcharge program benefit my business?


It offsets your cost of credit card acceptance so you can retain more revenue on non-cash sales. In addition to helping your business remain competitive, it allows you to affordably accept all the ways customers want to pay.


How much is the credit card surcharge?


Heartland’s Credit Surcharge Program fee is 3.5%, which is within card brand guidelines, and equally applied across all card brands.

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