The way people pay for goods and services is continually changing. That’s why today’s businesses should have a payment processing partner that can provide high-quality services, products and customer care.

Unlike other mobile payment solutions that hold funds for up to 30 days, Heartland funds its merchants as if they are processing transactions in a store, so you’ll receive your funds faster.


Customers work with businesses they trust. Ensure your credit and debit card processing is safe and reliable with our secure, mobile payment processing. In addition, we offer transparent Interchange Plus pricing, which allows you full disclosure into how much you’re paying us—and how much goes to the card brands.

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How to Download the App

To begin accepting mobile payments, download Heartland Mobile Payments directly from Apple iTunes, Apple App Store or Google Play store. Existing merchants must contact Heartland at 1-888-963-3600 to receive gateway credentials to begin quickly processing mobile payments as well as order the optional encrypting reader. You may elect to hand-key card data as opposed to paying for the reader to swipe the cards. New merchants must be set up for Heartland card processing in order to use Heartland Mobile Payments and will go through the same streamlined underwriting process as a traditional card merchant. During the application process with your Heartland relationship manager, you can also elect to order the Heartland Mobile Payments encrypting reader. Just as it’s done for existing merchants, the specialty product team will email the gateway credentials to you after application approval and will ensure the encrypting reader is shipped to you if applicable.

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