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Heartland In the News

  • Ready to Modernize Payroll? These Technologies Can Help.

    What are you waiting for? Modern technology can significantly reduce your payroll burden, and do a better job of keeping you out of trouble with the IRS. It makes dollars and sense to replace your legacy payroll system so you can spend less time on payroll, and more time on growing your business.

  • Stop Paying More in Taxes! This One Credit Provides Substantial Savings.

    Many businesses don't take advantage of federal Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) when hiring. Do you? If you're not, you're paying more in taxes! Get relief from high turnover and training costs in the form of tax credits that can save you thousands per new hire.   

  • Short on Time? New Heartland Time Payroll Software has you Covered.
    Spending too much time on tracking and managing the hours your employees work? Heartland’s latest payroll suite addition, Heartland Time, makes it easier for you to focus more of your valuable time on growing your business.