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One Unified Solution

Point of Sale

Tailor service experiences, from seating and ordering, to kitchen and payment.

Guest Application

Enable guests to skip the line, scan to pay, access rewards and more.

Online Ordering

Take customer orders from anywhere.

Self Order Kiosk

Let guests take control of ordering.

Gift & Loyalty

Incent customers to come back again and again.


Point of Sale

One cloud-based platform to connect all of your restaurants.

  • Merchants have access to their restaurant - from anywhere in the world.
  • At anytime, a merchant can jump in to help restaurant staff, check on sales in real-time, update menus and more.
  • No server required, reducing technology costs
  • By being in the cloud, Heartland Restaurant integrates seamlessly with other applications.
  • Continues to work with or without the Internet.

Self Order Kiosk

Speeds up ordering, upsells customers and frees up staff.

  • Speeds up ordering to reduce lines and waiting time.
  • Provides upsell opportunities generating more sales.
  • Reduces overhead and frees up employees that can be reallocated to other areas.

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Online Ordering

Integrated to take your business wherever your customers are.

  • Gives customers the ability to view your menu and place orders online to generate additional revenue.
  • Part of the Restaurant platform at no additional charge, with a seamless integration.
  • As an integrated feature of Restaurant, no third parties, software "patches" or extra costs are involved.

Gift & Loyalty

Grow sales by getting guests in the door and turning them into loyal customers.

  • Brings customers to your restaurant and coming back.
  • Allows customers to see and redeem the loyalty points they've earned on meals in real-time.
  • Enables customers to see their gift card balances.
  • Customers and merchants can see purchase history.

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