Free & Reduced

Tracking meal eligibility statuses for your students can be a challenge - gathering applications, printing reports, and completing verification requirements takes time and additional staff. Our Free & Reduced software enables you accept both online and paper applications, so you can identify and track students quickly and accurately and always stay compliant.

Stay compliant with Federal guidelines

The software automatically approves applications based on the most current income guidelines and allow for easy verification reporting. Our MCS Software handles all options for USDA verification sample sets, giving you the flexibility you need.

Better way to manage meal statuses

Easily track and manage student meal eligibility statuses using a variety of reports. Changes to student free & reduced status will be reflected in real-time to the POS stations ensuring the correct reimbursement.

Divide and conquer

Multiple users can process applications at the same time from one or more locations throughout your district.

Verification with a smile (yes it’s possible)

Verification requirements are completed simply and easily.  Random applications are automatically selected for the verification process.  Generate letters for the affected households and track the status of each application throughout the process.  Verification has never been easier.

Streamline your operation

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