Ordering & Inventory

Automatically consolidate orders from sites, route orders for approval, and easily send to vendors. Track inventory movement every step of the way so you always know where your orders are, and when they will be delivered.

Automate Orders

By integrating with our Menu Planning software, managers can place orders for exactly what they need, based on existing inventories, the menu plan, and automatically generated forecasts.

Greater Control

An automated approval process makes orders easy to complete, and inventory tracking gives you insight into where your orders are, and when they will be delivered.

Multiple Options

Order by menu plan to generate orders from all menu plan items and recipes for a specific date range. Or for quick ordering for a few items at one time, you can also order on a line-by-line basis or by using an Order Group template.

Receive orders

Received orders are entered and received in real-time so that inventory of the received items are immediately adjusted. Inventory levels and valuation for a particular school are available immediately to the site and Central Office, providing improved inventory management and control.

Manage Inventory

Manage your inventory with confidence. Whether using perpetual or periodic inventory, you can enter inventory amounts directly into the system in real-time. No need to hand-enter inventory values, and item counts are immediately updated across the district.

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Inventory Is Easier In The Cloud

Out on a site visit? Easily manage orders and make inventory adjustments wherever you are, on nearly any device. Mosaic Cloud brings a new level of ease and flexibility to ordering and inventory management.

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