Auto Invoice Parents When Payments Are Due

Easily upload multiple fees, create custom payment plans, and export reports for simplified reconciliation - collecting student fees will be easier than ever before!


Spend less time tracking down unpaid student invoices and fees
Save postage by never having to mail another paper invoice again
Avoid front-office crowding and interruptions with online payments


How It Works

1.) Upload Multiple Payments Due

Import fees into MySchoolBucks through a flat file upload or API.  Items will be associated with a specific student and automatically added to their cart.  The best part?  If a parent doesn’t have a MySchoolBucks account, you can still assign payments due to their cart.  Once they create a new account, the student’s fee or item will be available for payment upon first login.

2.) Parents Are Notified

Parents will automatically receive an email notification letting them know that a new fee has been added to their account and is ready for payment.  Parents can then login to MySchoolBucks, review payments due, add items to their cart, and check out.

3.) Export Reports

Quickly track and manage all student fees and costs in one place.  With a simple report from MySchoolBucks see what has been paid and what hasn’t been.  For easy reconciliation, simply export and download a list of payments that have been made.

Integration with Multiple Systems:

  • Chancery SMS

  • ERP

  • SAP

  • PeopleSoft
  • McAleer G/L

  • Active Directory

  • TRA

  • Infinite Campus
  • DayCareWorks

  • And More!

Ready to simplify payment collection at your school?

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