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Heartland In the News

  • How to Reclaim Abandoned Carts and Lost Sales

    On average, almost 70 percent of potential online shoppers abandon their carts. How can your online store defy the odds? Implement a few easy changes and more of your potential shoppers will make it through checkout and gleefully skip home with shopping bags in hand.

  • 5 Delicious Tips for Managing Cash Flow

    You love owning a restaurant. What you don’t love, however, are the cash flow challenges and time requirements that come with it. Freeing up more time and safeguarding your cash flow, even long-term, is possible with a few tweaks here and a few streamlines there. Hello more sleep.

  • Seasonal Hiring Tips Just in Time for Summer

    Hiring summertime employees can be a lifesaver. But it’s not always as straightforward as you might think. Finding extra hands, following local laws and prepping new hires well can be a challenge. We’ve got your tips for staying cool this summer hiring season.