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Heartland In the News

  • Why Are You Throwing Your Money Away?
    It’s been three years since the EMV liability shifted to businesses, yet nearly one-third of them –including many restaurants and cafes – still don’t accept EMV cards. If you still haven’t made the change, it’s costing you money and putting your business at increased risk.
  • Size Doesn’t Matter When it Comes to Data Breaches
    While small business data breaches don’t make the news as often, they happen with far more regularity than at big corporations. Nearly half of businesses mistakenly think they’re too small to attract fraudsters. That complacency could cost you millions.  
  • Four Ways to Make Trust a Must in Your Business
    Are you overlooking “trust” as your strongest marketing tool? It’s a powerful edge that small businesses typically have over larger competitors. It’s time to own it. Use your nimble, more personal, more approachable size as a way to win customers and vendors over with these four guiding principles.