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Heartland In the News

  • Convenient Access to Capital Can Turn Risks into Rewards

    “No risk, no reward” is a mantra most entrepreneurs live by. When faced with the capital challenges associated with starting, running and growing a small business, eight out of ten entrepreneurs will accept risks to keep their dream alive.

  • Make eCommerce a Business Priority in 2019
    More brick and mortar businesses are adopting the philosophy “if you can’t beat’em, join’em” when it comes to e-commerce. January is the perfect time to start engaging customers online and refreshing your website to complement your in-store customer experience.
  • Use Post-Holiday Returns to Refine your Store Policy for the New Year
    Store returns are a fact of life. Making it easy for customers to return goods makes them more comfortable with buying items in the first place. Use returns as an opportunity to build positive customer experiences and sharpen your return policy. It will pay dividends the rest of the year.