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Heartland In the News

  • Small Business Owners Say Cash Flow Is Their Biggest Challenge
    Cash is king, as the age-old saying goes, especially for small businesses. Cash flow is the number one challenge they face in 2019, according to a Lendio survey of more than 500 U.S. small business owners. Marketing and customer acquisition rank second and third.
  • As-a-Service Keeps Technology and Cash Flow Within Reach

    Purchasing equipment takes a big bite out of your wallet. On top of that, the technology can be outdated almost as soon as you unpack it. So how do you keep up with the competition and replace the relic piece of equipment you've been using to run your business without making yourself cash poor? The answer: choose as-a-Service over buying. 

  • How to Reclaim Abandoned Carts and Lost Sales

    On average, almost 70 percent of potential online shoppers abandon their carts. How can your online store defy the odds? Implement a few easy changes and more of your potential shoppers will make it through checkout and gleefully skip home with shopping bags in hand.